Deep manufacturing expertise backed by a long history!
We accommodate clients' needs and resolve their problems.

Nihon Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing of grinding stones for 100 years since its founding, and boasts production expertise that is unrivaled.
Leveraging our manufacturing expertise in diverse usage cases built over many years, we work with clients to research and develop new products to resolve their various issues.


Experts in PVA grinding stones

PVA grinding stones is a method of molding highly elastic, porous grinding stones utilizing PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) as a binder.
  • PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) used as binder
  • Highly elastic porous grinding stones
  • Imparts outstanding luster to surfaces
  • Supports up to #10,000 grain
  • Widely accommodates sundry client needs
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PVA products


Made to order

We are equipped to design and manufacture solutions tailored to your use case and issue.

Clients requiring small quantities of specialized grinding stones or filters for new technology R&D

Our products are made to order, so we can flexibly accommodate requests such as quantity, shape, type of abrasive, and more!


Short lead time

These products are made to order and can be delivered in a short time.
Put your worries at ease and leave it to us!

Standard procurement channels (customer⇒dealer⇒intermediary⇒manufacturer) cause considerable lead time

Nihon Grinding Wheel works directly with you (customer⇒vendor/manufacturer = Nihon Grinding Wheel), so you can get your products much sooner!

We will suggest a grinding stones tailored to your use case.

We can select a specific manufacturing method and type of grinding stones suitable for your particular application.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.